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Pl E6/1


Series of annual accounts for the Duke of Portland's Hampshire estates; 1741-1755

Pl E6/3/1-5

20 June 1800-11 July 1800

Correspondence received by John Heaton concerning property at Swanwick/Titchfield, Hampshire; 20...

Pl F2/2/20

8 August 1722

Assignment by the Duke of Portland of his real estate for the benefit of his creditors; 8 Aug. 1722

Pl F2/2/21

8 August 1722

Power to the Duke of Portland to revoke Pl F2/2/20; 8 Aug. 1722.

Pl F2/4/1

6 June 1734-7 June 1734

Conveyance for suffering recoveries of estates in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and...

Pl F2/4/4

10 July 1734

Marriage settlement of the Duke of Portland and Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley; 10 July 1734

Pl F2/4/5

10 July 1734

Attested copy marriage settlement of the Duke of Portland and Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley; 10...

Pl F2/4/16

4 February 1743

Sale by the 2nd Duke of Portland of various estate to his trustees; 4 Feb. 1742/43. Attached act...

Pl F5/1/2

25 June 1762-26 June 1762

Conveyance for suffering common recoveries of the Portland paternal estates in Cumberland...

Pl F5/1/5

5 November 1766-6 November 1766

Settlement made previous to the marriage of the 3rd Duke of Portland with Lady Dorothy Cavendish...

Pw D/25

26 December 1740

The Duke of Portland's declaration of choice of Lot B for his part share of the divided estates...

Pw D/35


Abstract of valuation of manors in Hampshire belonging to William Henry Cavendish[-Bentinck, 3rd...

Pw F 2857

28 September 1771

Letter from J. Cleaver, Wickham, Hampshire, to W.H.C. Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland...