Document ReferencePw A 520/1-2
TitleLetter in Dutch from John Ham, Berlin, to William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland; 30 Jun. 1688
Date Of Creation30 June 1688
Extent2 ff
Content DescriptionAcknowledges receipt of Bentinck's note, including letters to Hop and Danckelmann; notes Danckelmann's pleasure that Mme Bentinck is getting better; states that the matter of Diest being set up against 'BB' [Nikolaus Batholomäus von Danckelmann] will be delayed until after the burial [of the Elector of Brandenburg]; refers to the fact that 'BB' wishes to remain in his post and that the candidates who are skilled enough to succeed him want to be in Diest's position; comments that the brother of 'BB' holds a special position at court; says Diest is trying to win Danckelmann's patronage but doubts if this will have much influence on events.

Informs him that the Archbishop [Sancroft] has been imprisoned, together with 6 others [for protesting at order to read Declaration of Indulgence]; thinks immediate action is necessary in order to avoid war with England, where 'religion is a ruin right now'; says people think it is the wrong time for the elector to make his progress, but notes that the timing of the trip has not yet been changed, and therefore it will be impossible to go to Cleef beforehand; says Danckelmann will try to ensure a meeting between William [of Orange, later King William III] and the elector; refers to affairs in Münster, discussing the various candidates for the bishopric; states that one of the candidates, Plettenberg, has also offered his services to Emperor Leopold, 'V' [the States General?] and the Elector of Brandenburg; discusses the consequences of this.

Says the parties agree that the Bishop of Hildesheijm [Hermann Werner] will be either the Bishop of Paderborn or the Bishop of Brabeck, though they seem to prefer the latter, on condition that he gives his votes to the Elector of Brandenburg once chosen; notes that Lord von Groot [Von Grote] is busy with the renewal of the treaties between the House of Brunswick and [the House of Brandenburg?]; refers to people who have had audiences with the elector; states that Groot is also working on an 'accomodement' with Holstein and notes that his master would benefit from this.

Says the court is looking for a replacement for Fuchs at the conference [re. Holstein] in Altona since Fuchs is likely to follow the Court to Prussia and elsewhere; the most likely candidates are Canitz of Vienna and Rouck [Ruck]; informs him that Count Charles of Schomberg wishes to have another post and is going to Poland because the treaties with Bielinski have just been adjusted; comments that the marriage between Bielinski and the Margravinne was surprising.

Thinks Bethune will see the elector in Prussia to discuss important matters with him and probably also the King of Poland; notes that Bethune has a secret and detailed correspondence with 'K'; says the trip to Prussia will take place 8 or 10 days after the birth; notes that the act of renewal between 'V' [the States General?] and the elector is ready to be signed but the elector may not ratify it; expresses fear that the work in [Louen?] was done so badly it may cause trouble; refers to the ceremonial audiences given to the Danish and Swedish envoys, but notes Gravelle [Gravel] has still not had one and certainly will not get one.

Excuses himself for not having sent a letter to Bentinck every day the post leaves; discusses the postscript Bentinck added to his last letter; refers to jealousy against the House [of Hanover?]; notes that both Cardinal Fürstenberg and Danckelmann have gone to Oranienburg; mentions that the Electress-Widow left her rooms today and attended a service in the chapel at the castle of Potsdam.
Termappointments, diplomatic
religious affairs, Declaration of Indulgence 1688, objections to
royalty, electoral progress, planning of
elections, Münster 1688, bishop
appointments, ecclesiastical
treaties, Brunswick with Brandenburg 1688
royalty, audience with
diplomacy, conferences, re. Holstein 1688
diplomacy, with Poland 1688

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CodePersonNameDates of Existence
NA30713Hop; Jacob (1654-1725); -; Dutch Pensionary until 16871654-1725
NA30337Danckelmann; Eberhard Christoph Balthasar von (1643-1722); minister and envoy of the Elector of Brandenburg1643-1722
NA30343Bentinck; Anne (-1688); née Villiers; m William later 1st Earl of Portland 1678-1688
NA30575Diest; Frederick W. von (fl 1688); -; Brandenburg envoy to the Haguefl 1688
NA30714Sancroft; William (1617-1693); Archbishop of Canterbury; Archbishop from 1678; imprisoned in Tower and tried for seditious libel 16881617-1693
NA1083William III (1650-1702); King of England Scotland and Ireland1650-1702
NA30342Lenhausen; Friedrich Christian von Plettenberg- (-1706); Bishop of Münster; became bishop in 1688-1706
NA30070Leopold I (1640-1705 ); Holy Roman Emperor; ( succ. 1658)1640-1705
NA29458Frederick I (1657-1713 ); King of Prussia; ( acc. 1701; styled Frederick III Elector of Brandenberg until 1701)1657-1713
NA30581Grote; Otto von (fl 1688); -; envoy for Brunswick-Lüneberg in Berlinfl 1688
NA30306Fuchs; Paul (fl 1688-1703); -; minister to Frederick III Elector of Brandenburg later King Frederick I of Prussiafl 1688-1703
NA30711Schomberg; Charles (1645-1693); 2nd Duke of Schomberg1645-1693
NA30715Ruck; Melchior von (fl 1688); Brandenburg diplomatfl 1688
NA30652Gravel; Jules de (fl 1688-1702); Marquis de Marly; French ambassador to Berlin 1688fl 1688-1702
NA30571Fürstenberg; William Egon (1629-1704); Cardinal; Bishop of Metz then in 1682 of Strasbourg; cardinal in 1686; French candidate for Archbishop-Elector of Cologne1629-1704
NA30716Canitz; - (fl 1688); -; diplomat; of Vienna?fl 1688
NA30717Paderborn; Hermann Werner (-1704); Bishop of Paderborn; succ. 1683-1704
NA30718John III Sobieski (1624-1696); King of Poland; ( elected 1674)1624-1696
NA30719Dorothea (1636-1689); Electress of Brandenburg; ( née von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg; 2nd wife of Frederick William Elector of Brandenburg)1636-1689
NA30720Bielinski; Stanislas (-1710); Count Bielinski; Grand chamberlain to the King of Poland-1710
NA30721Béthune; François G. (1638-1692); Marquis de Béthune; French ambassador to Poland and Sweden1638-1692
NA30577Danckelmann; Nikolaus Bartholomäus (fl 1688-1697); Freiherr von; Brandenburg envoy to Vienna; brother of Brandenburg minister Eberhard Danckelmannfl 1688-1697
NA30553Ham; John (fl 1688-1690); -; of Berlin; probably Johan Ham 1654-1725 burgomaster of Arnhem and deputy for Guelderland; Netherlands commissioner and resident ambassador in Brandenburg 1683-1696fl 1688-1690
NA1043Bentinck; H. William (1649-1709); 1st Earl of Portland; diplomat and adviser of William of Orange; alias Hans Willem1649-1709
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