Document ReferencePw A 337/1-3
TitleLetter in French from Eberhard Danckelmann to William Bentinck [later 1st Earl of Portland]; 27 Jun. 1688
Date Of Creation27 June 1688
Extent6 ff
Content DescriptionExpresses pleasure that Bentinck found his wife still living when he arrived at the Hague; says the elector [of Brandenburg] was also relieved to learn this; comments on the elector's joy to hear of the continued feelings the Prince of Orange has for him, saying he is impatient for a meeting, but that he will be unable to go further than Halberstat, as indicated in his preceding letter; refers to the homage of the March on this side of the Oder last Thursday, and the 'order, magnificence and affection' between his master and the vassals; acknowledges the Prince of Orange's willingness to go to Halberstat if the elector [of Brandenburg] cannot go to Clève or Minden; states that the day of the burial has been fixed for the 12 Sep., and the journey from Prussia will be 10 or 15 days after that.

Says that the matter of the [Episcopal] election in Münster is on the same footing as it was in his last letter, namely that Reck is the first choice, and that failing that they must work for Plettenburg and not for Velen; outlines four main reasons why Plettenburg is favourable to Velen for the post; also comments on the lack of suitability of the Bishop of Breslau, giving reasons; states that M. de Cruystberg is leaving for Münster the day after tomorrow to work on behalf of Reck and will be able to inform Bentinck more fully about the situation.

Says that M. de Diest is bringing a letter from the elector to the prince which speaks in favour of Plettenberg, but that this is only so people will not know they are in favour of Reck; directs how this letter should be replied to.

Comments that M. de Freytag [Fridag] wanted then to support Breslau for the position but they replied that the elector wanted the matter put to a free vote.

Informs Bentinck of what they have written to Mr Spaen, who has become involved in the election; gives details of the reply they received.

Refers to his brother in Vienna, saying it would have been good if he could be at the Hague during the delicate election, but explaining why this will not be possible.

Comments on the affair of the African Company and to the memorials which the West India Company delivered to the States; says M. Diest will receive orders on this subject and on the subject of a vessel named Berlin, newly taken at Popo; also refers to the renewal of treaties with the Estates.

The letter is dated '17/27 juin 88'.
Termintelligence, reports
appointments, ecclesiastical
elections, Münster 1688, bishop
diplomacy, Prince of Orange with Brandenburg 1688
religious affairs
Related MaterialN. Japikse, 'Correspondentie van Willem III en van Hans Willem Bentinck, Eersten Graaf van Portland', Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën (the Hague, 1928), No. 24, pp. 126-129.

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CodePersonNameDates of Existence
NA30343Bentinck; Anne (-1688); née Villiers; m William later 1st Earl of Portland 1678-1688
NA29458Frederick I (1657-1713 ); King of Prussia; ( acc. 1701; styled Frederick III Elector of Brandenberg until 1701)1657-1713
NA30573Cruystberg; - de (fl 1688); Monsieur; sent to lobby for appointment of Reck as Bishop of Münsterfl 1688
NA1083William III (1650-1702); King of England Scotland and Ireland1650-1702
NA30566Reck; Adolf van der? (1650-1691); Canon; recorded by Japikse as Bishop of Paderborn but not mentioned in Bishop lists; candidate for Bishopric of Münster 16881650-1691
NA30574Franz Ludwig (1664-1732); Archbishop-Elector of Trier; ( succ. 1716; formerly Bishop of Breslau 1683 and of Worms 1694; brother of Johan Wilhelm Elector Palatine)1664-1732
NA30564Spaen; Alexander (1619-1692); Brandenburger; styled Baron Spaen; army general; served as liaison at the Hague between Elector of Brandenburg and William III1619-1692
NA30342Lenhausen; Friedrich Christian von Plettenberg- (-1706); Bishop of Münster; became bishop in 1688-1706
NA30572Velen; - (fl 1688); candidate for Bishopric of Münsterfl 1688
NA30575Diest; Frederick W. von (fl 1688); -; Brandenburg envoy to the Haguefl 1688
NA30576Fridag; Franz-H. (fl 1688); Baron Fridag; imperial envoy to Berlinfl 1688
NA30577Danckelmann; Nikolaus Bartholomäus (fl 1688-1697); Freiherr von; Brandenburg envoy to Vienna; brother of Brandenburg minister Eberhard Danckelmannfl 1688-1697
NA30337Danckelmann; Eberhard Christoph Balthasar von (1643-1722); minister and envoy of the Elector of Brandenburg1643-1722
NA1043Bentinck; H. William (1649-1709); 1st Earl of Portland; diplomat and adviser of William of Orange; alias Hans Willem1649-1709
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