Document ReferencePl E12/9/3/2/1-68
TitleBundle of correspondence and other papers concerning the New Hucknall Colliery Company Ltd at Bentinck Colliery, Sutton-in-Ashfield, etc.; 21 Mar. 1899-18 Mar. 1902
Date Of Creation21 March 1899-18 March 1902
Extent68 items
Content DescriptionPl E12/9/3/2/1: Instructions to counsel (Oswald Walmesley of Lincoln's Inn) to advise, and his opinion concerning the use of £15000 uncalled capital in the New Hucknall Colliery Co. Ltd as security for the Duke of Portland.

Pl E12/9/3/2/2-3: Statement of coal worked under copyhold lands during the half-year to Midsummer 1899; and statement of royalty account (1894-1900) of the New Hucknall company for Bentinck Colliery showing payments of £15183 3s 6d for minimum rent of which only £5071 is covered by royalties for coal gotten, 11 Jan. 1901.

Pl E12/9/3/2/4-6: Notes by Mr Emerson Bainbridge for interview with Messrs Baileys, Shaw and Gillett concerning faults, barriers, question of merging leases, Bentinck 'deep coal', etc.; observations and notes of C.R. Hewitt and Frederick J. Turner; replies of Messrs Baileys to points raised by Bainbridge. All May 1900.

Pl E12/9/3/2/7-10: Miscellaneous memoranda and press copy attendance entries concerning New Hucknall colliery matters, leases, rents, faults, negotiations with the Butterley Company Ltd; also Mansfield coalfield, Pinxton Colliery and other mineral matters.

Pl E12/9/3/2/11-69: Correspondence received by E. Horsman Bailey/Messrs Baileys, Shaw and Gillett, 5 Berners Street from: C.R. Hewitt, London Road, Derby; Frederick J. Turner, Mansfield Woodhouse; Emerson Bainbridge, 4 Whitehall Court; Featherston Fenwick, County Chambers, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; and others; various press copy replies. Subterranean explorations by the New Hucknall company, financial results and prospects; scheme of reconstruction of the New Hucknall Colliery Co. Ltd to raise extra capital; interest of Blackwell Colliery Co. in working a tract of coal given up by New Hucknall; proposed sub-lease to the Pinxton Coal Co., the matters of liability for damage and whether royalties may be set against New Hucknall's past short workings;

New Hucknall's explorations in the Deep Hard and Black Shale seams; falling prices and losses; heavy outlay on three shafts in anticipation of three workable seams; £10000 in overpaid rents; estimate showing how this will increase to £13000 in 1910; Bainbridge seeks a further revision of terms; Hewitt and Turner prepared to make concessions but believe his demands are excessive and outline their counter proposals (Sept. 1901 onward); Bainbridge's proposals 'always have one tendency and that is, that his Co. should be very material gainers by any proposal that he makes. I am sorry to say that whatever he brings forward requires the very greatest care in consideration before his true meaning can be discovered...' (Turner, Pl E12/9/3/2/62); further proposals from Bainbridge;

Hewitt believes that New Hucknall made a mistake in starting with the Black Shale seam and not the Low Main; if they develop the Deep Hard believes the royalties will exceed the minimum rent and the 'shorts' [short workings] will be made up; complete change of tack from New Hucknall, having negotiated on the basis of surrendering area to the Pinxton company and paying a reduced minimum rent, now will not give up any area; must be made to develop vigorously the area the Pinxton company has been wanting for 15 years. Also the Bolsover Colliery Co. Ltd and its uncalled capital, and Stanton Ironworks Co. Ltd mentioned in passing.

Pl E12/9/3/2/28 is a plan showing the area around Kirkby Parks covered by the proposed sublease to Messrs Coke and Company/Pinxton Coal Company Ltd.

Pl E12/9/3/2/29-30 are a copy of Hewitt's report to Turner (5 Nov. 1900) on the New Hucknall company's application to sub-lease 160a. of lower mines to the Pinxton Coal Co., outlining terms to be embodied in such a sub-lease, particularly with respect to barriers necessary to support the Butterley Company's Top Hard seam in the same area, other barriers, headings to be driven through pillars, liability for damage, payment of royalties and past short workings etc.; and plan.

Pl E12/9/3/2/49-50 are Hewitt's letter/report on Bentinck Colliery, output, workings and prospects, with copy offer of the Pinxton company to take 393a. of Main Soft and Deep Hard coal at a dead rent of £700 p.a. and royalty of 6d per ton, paying for the barrier to be left between Bentinck Colliery and this area; with a plan showing the area demised by 'No. 3' lease (from Annesley Woodhouse to the Sutton-Alfreton road) and the south-western portion applied for by the Pinxton company
Termcoal, Sutton-in-Ashfield
collieries, Bentinck, Kirkby-in-Ashfield
coal, Mansfield coalfield

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CodePersonNameDates of Existence
NA63829Butterley Company Limited; colliery proprietors and ironfounders
NA62557Bolsover Colliery Company Limited
NA67367Pinxton Coal Company Limited
NA67370Coke and Company; colliery proprietors
NA1067Stanton Ironworks Company Limited
NA67366Blackwell Colliery Company Limited
NA63617New Hucknall Colliery Company Limited
NA1040Baileys, Shaw and Gillett; solicitors
NA715Bentinck; William J.A.C.J. Cavendish- (1857-1943); 6th Duke of Portland; succ. 18791857-1943
NA25478Turner; Frederick J. (1824-1906); Mr; agent to the Dukes of Portland1824-1906
NA61028Fenwick; Featherstone F. (fl 1890-1925); Mr; solicitor of Newcastle upon Tyne; also of the New Hucknall Colliery Co.fl 1890-1925
NA67325Bainbridge; Emerson M. (1845-1911); Mr; MP; chairman of New Hucknall Colliery Co. LDEC Railway etc.1845-1911
NA62030Hewitt; Charles R. (fl 1888-1924); Mr; of Derby mining engineer; mineral agent to the Duke of Portlandfl 1888-1924
NA65964Watson; Simeon (fl 1888-1911); Mr; mining engineer; general manager of the New Hucknall Colliery Company; of Huthwaite Nottinghamshirefl 1888-1911
NA67371Salmond; Walter (fl 1887-1902); Mr; partner/managing director of Pinxton Coal Co.fl 1887-1902
CodePlace name
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