Document ReferenceNe 3 A 322-322/29
TitleDraft of rentals for the Newark properties of the Duke of Newcastle under Lyne, from Michaelmas 1849 to Lady Day 1851 [with various enclosures]; 1851 [enclosures, 1849-1852]
Date Of Creation1851
Extent1 volume
Content DescriptionThe volume records half-yearly rentals for the estate in the period 1849-1851; the following information is listed: the names of tenants, mention of their particulars and content of land, a note of annual rent and arrears at Lady Day 1849, and then a record the half year's rents received at Michaelmas 1849, Lady Day 1850, Michaelmas 1850, and Lady Day 1851, together with mention of property tax and the arrears remaining at Lady Day 1850 and 1851; there is also a note of the amount in hand.

This rough copy does not directly correspond with the volumes for the Newark estate in the accounted series; there are no page numbers, so specific references cannot be given; towards the end of the volume, many of the pages are blank.

Ne 3 A 322/1 consists of short notes on tenants and rents.

Ne 3 A 322/2 shows old and new rents for certain tenants.

Ne 3 A 322/3 is a letter [with stamp] from William Dewey to Mr Godfrey Tallents, dated 25 August [c.1849-1851, based on adjacent documents]; apologises for not paying his rent, explains why, and asks for more time.

Ne 3 A 322/4 is a 'Tenant's Notice to Landlord of Intention to Quit Possession', dated 29 September 1851, and signed by Joseph Gilstrap.

Ne 3 A 322/5 is a letter from 'C.C. Foothit? to Mr Tallents, dated Newark, 29 September 1851; states that the rent is now too high and asks if he will 'consent to take £4 an acre'.

Ne 3 A 322/6 consists of written notes dated Newark 27 September 1851; these state that Mr Bridges wishes to give up the premises in Church Street at next Lady Day.

Ne 3 A 322/7 is letter from H[enr]y Sutton to Mr Tallents, dated 10 October 1851; informs him that Mr Killingley wishes to give up the tenure 'occupied by the exec[utor]s of the late Mr A. Killingley situated on the Farndon Road'; later notes on other returned lands have been added to this.

Ne 3 A 322/8 is a letter from John Bullen to Mr Tallents, dated 10 October 1851; concerns his intention to quit possession of certain lands.

Ne 3 A 322/10 to Ne 3 A 322/12 [like Ne 3 A 322/19 and Ne 3 A 322/29] provide various lists of tenants [sometimes expressing whether their rents are half-yearly or yearly], and Ne 3 A 322/13 gives further information on the payment of rents.

Ne 3 A 322/14 is a formal [printed] notification of a trial to take place at the County Court of Nottinghamshire at Newark on 12 April 1852.

Ne 3 A 322/15 names tenants and their location [as does Ne 3 A 322/16], and gives notes concerning their due payments.

Ne 3 A 322/17 is a letter from William Deacon to Mr Tallents, dated 6 September 1852; gives notice of his quitting certain lands next Lady Day.

Ne 3 A 322/18 is a short note on rents.

Ne 3 A 322/20 is a formal [mostly printed] notice from William Manuwell to 5th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne, dated 25 September 1852; informs of his quitting possession of certain lands.

Ne 3 A 322/21 is a letter from Joseph Brown and W[illiam] Ragsdale to Mr Tallents, dated 9 October 1852; gives their notice to quit possession of land.

Ne 3 A 322/22 is a note from W[illia]m Critch to Mr [Godfrey?] Tallents, dated 9 October 1852; states his intention to deliver up his land.

Ne 3 A 322/23 is a note from Thomas Caunt to Mr Tallents, dated 8 October 1852; gives notice that he shall quit certain lands on the '6 April next'.

Ne 3 A 322/24 is a formal [partly printed] notification of Fred[erick] Buck's intention to quit certain lands; dated 9 October 1852, and addressed to Mr Tallents.

Ne 3 A 322/25 is a formal [partly printed] notification of John Dennet's intention to yield all in the parish of Newark; dated 28 September 1852 and sent to Mr Tallents.

Ne 3 A 322/26 is a note to Mr Tallents [author unclear] regarding the collection of rents.

Ne 3 A 322/27 is a signed [and witnessed] declaration by William Gabbitas, dated 13 February 1849; guarantees the rent of a house let to his sister.

Lastly, Ne 3 A 322/28 provides a drawn up list of tenants' names and rents.
Termestate business, accounts
estate business, rents, Newark Estate (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, tenants, Newark Estate (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, estate management, Newark Estate (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, Newark Estate (Nottinghamshire)
legal cases, v 5th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne 1852

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CodePersonNameDates of Existence
NA945Clinton; Henry P.F. Pelham- (1811-1864); 5th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne; styled Earl of Lincoln until 18511811-1864
NA25926Gabbitas; William (fl 1849); Mrfl 1849
NA25927Dennet; John T. (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
NA25928Buck; Frederick (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
NA25929Caunt; Thomas (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
NA25930Ragsdale; William (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
NA25931Brown; Joseph (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
NA25932Manuwell; William (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
NA25933Deacon; William (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
NA25934Bullen; John (fl 1851); Mrfl 1851
NA25935Killingley; Robert (fl 1851); Mrfl 1851
NA25936Bridges; James (fl 1851); Mrfl 1851
NA25937Foothit; C.C. (fl 1851); -fl 1851
NA25938Gilstrap; Joseph (fl 1851); Mrfl 1851
NA25939Dewey; William (fl 1849-1851); Mrfl 1849-1851
NA8369Tallents; Godfrey (1811-1877); Mr; solicitor and agent of the Duke of Newcastle; of Newark, Nottinghamshire1811-1877
NA25940Sutton; Henry (fl 1851); Mrfl 1851
NA25941Critch; William (fl 1852); Mrfl 1852
CodePlace name
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