Document Reference

Pw L 420/1-2

28 April 1843

Letter from Lord George Bentinck, Harcourt House, London, to John Platten; 28 Apr. 1843

Pw L 421

23 November 1846

Letter from the Office of the Jamaica Despatch, Kingston, Jamaica, to Lord George Bentinck; 23 Nov. 1846

Pw L 422

21 October 1846

Minutes of a public meeting held in the Court House, Buff Bay, St George, Jamaica concerning the sugar duties and chaired by J.R. Grosett; 21 Oct. 1846

Pw L 423-424


Parliamentary speeches made by Lord George Bentinck; 1847-1848

Pw L 423/1-10

11 March 1847

Printed draft of speech by Lord George Bentinck due to be printed in Hansard's Parliamentary Debates on or by 26th Apr.; 11 Mar. 1847

Pw L 424/1-16

1848 (c)

News cutting of a speech by Lord George Bentinck printed in 'The Morning Post'; n.d. [c.1848]

Pw L 425

27 September 1848

Copy of letter from Lord John Manners [later 7th Duke of Rutland] Keir, Dunblane, Scotland, to [J.H. Manners] 5th Duke of Rutland; 27 Sep. 1848

Pw L 426

4 September 1876

Memorial article on Lord George Bentinck written by E.G.H., reprinted on satin from the 'Bell's Weekly Messenger'; 4 Sep. 1876

Pw L 427


Notes giving an account by Rev. Ilderton stating what he knows about the circumstances of Lord George Bentinck's death; n.d. [c.1880-1885]

Pw L 428

5 June 1927

Letter from L. Chipman, Oakdale, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada, to [W.J.A. Cavendish-Bentinck] 6th Duke of Portland; 5 June 1927

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