Document Reference

Cl X 1

late 17th century c

Miscellaneous household notes; n.d. [c.late 17th century]

Cl X 1-40

17th century-1950 c

Miscellaneous Papers of the Clifton family; n.d. [c.17th century-1950]

Cl X 2

17th-18th century

Culinary recipes; n.d. [c.17th-18th century

Cl X 3

17th-18th century

Medical prescriptions and recipes; n.d. [c.17th-18th century]

Cl X 4


Medical prescriptions written for Sir Gervase Clifton by several physicians; 1812-1814

Cl X 5/1-2

18th century

2 plans [of a garden]; n.d. [c.18th century]

Cl X 6


Plan of an existing house with proposed additions; n.d.

Cl X 7


Plan: elevation of part of Tower of Clifton Church; 1846

Cl X 8


Sample pieces of wallpapers; n.d.

Cl X 9-23

1619 c - 1935

Miscellaneous papers; n.d. [c.1619-1935]

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