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Cl S

late 15th century-early 18th century c

Surveys relating to Clifton family estates in Kinoulton, Blyth, Hodsock, Carlton in Lindrick and Oldcoates, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [late 15th century-early 18th century]

Cl S 1

1650 c

Valuation of Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.1650]

Cl S 1-2

1650 c-1663

Surveys relating to Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.1650 -1663]

Cl S 2


Terrier of glebe land at Kinoulton, Nottinghamshire; 1663

Cl S 3

late 15th century

Terrier of Blyth, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [late 15th century]

Cl S 3-9

late 15th century c-1720

Surveys relating to Blyth, Nottinghamshire; late 15th century-1720

Cl S 4

late 16th century

Terrier of Francis Cressy’s lands in Blyth, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.late 16th century]

Cl S 5-6

early 17th century

Terriers relating to Blyth, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.early 17th century]

Cl S 7


Survey note, Bilby; 1682

Cl S 8


Survey of a parcel of land at Blyth, Nottinghamshire; 1720

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