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Legal, Parliamentary and Political Papers

Cl LP 1-8


Papers relating to Irish affairs in Star Chamber 1599: Cases of the Earls of Essex and Southampton 1600/2; Arraignment of the Earl of Somerset 1616; papers concerning Sir Walter Rawley (his apology, arraignment, letter, execution, etc) 1618; Copy submission of Lord St Albans (Lord Chancellor) to Lords in Parliament 1621; copy submission of Sir Henry Yelverton (Attorney) in Star Chamber; copy sentence passed on Lord Mountmorris by the Council of War of Ireland, 1635; 1599-1635

Cl LP 9-10


Papers relating to Ecclesiastical Commission in Province of York, and commission for musters; 1614-1615

Cl LP 11-13


Copy decrees relating to the courts (1615), to enjoyment of recreation on Sundays and Holidays (1617), to the making of inventories (1622/3); 1615-1623

Cl LP 14-18


Copies of Miscellaneous letters and speeches including Archbishop of York’s letter about Puritans and Papists (1604), Speech of Lord Chancellor Ellesmere on installation of Sir Henry Montagu as Lord Chief Justice, and Montagu’s reply (1616), Lord Chancellor Bacon’s speech on taking his seat in chancery (1617), Letter of admonition to Lord Coke (c1616), The Lord Keeper’s speech at other commissioners for the subsidies of London at Guildhall (1621); 1604-1621

Cl LP 19-37

1603-1642 c

Petitions addressed to King or Parliament (from c1613/14); speeches and addresses to the King by (Richard Martin, by a grammar scholar at Nottingham, by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, etc, 1603 – c1620); Declaration of service to the King by the gentlemen of the county of Nottingham assembled at Newark (1642); Tract on merchandising addressed to King James by John Keymer, miscellaneous papers on decay of money, decay of clothing trade, the patent for the bringing in of barrel fish, on the dangerous policies of the Jesuits; Discourse or description of his majesty’s entertainment in Scotland and of that land; n.d. [c.1603-c.1642]

Cl LP 38-54

1606-1778 c

Miscellaneous parliamentary papers, and papers relating thereto, including copies of the speeches of the King to Parliament (1606 – 1620/1); Addresses of Houses of Parliament to the King, Lord Salisbury’s speech to both Houses; and a character of the late Earl of Salisbury (1612); Wentworth’s speech to the Irish Parliament (1634); Copy Act relating to the King’s wardship rights in the Duchy of Lancaster; Articles to eb considered for the making of a law to cause the Statute of Recusants to be put in execution (1614); Act for securing of the subjects from wrongful imprisonment…; Papers relating to parliamentary elections at Retford (early 17c), Nottinghamshire (1738), and Nottingham (1778); n.d. [c.1606-c.1778]

Cl LP 55


An Extraordinary North Briton: John Wilkes, Esquire, Knight of the Shire for Middlesex [printed pamphlet]; 1768

Cl LP 56-72

1609-1626 c

Papers relating to English and Danish forces fighting against Sweden (1612), France, Spain (including proposed marriage between Prince Charles of Great Britain and the Infanta Mary of Spain, 1617), The Palatinate and Bohemia (1619 – 20), The United Provinces, The Great Mogul of the Eastern Indies; n.d. [c.1609-c.1626]

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