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17th - 18th century

Literary Manuscripts within the papers of the Clifton Family; 17th - 19th century

Cl LM 1

17th century c

A memory of France'; n.d. [17th century]

Cl LM 2

17th century c

Book of theological writings; n.d [17th century]

Cl LM 3-9

17th century c

Theological notes and sermons; n.d. [17th century]

Cl LM 10


Mr Fuller's sermon at the funeral of Lady Penelope Clifton; 1613

Cl LM 11-15

17th century c

Miscellaneous theological and religious notes; n.d. [17th century]

Cl LM 16-84

early 17th century - 18th century c

Verses in English and Latin, and other writings; n.d. [early 17th century-18th century]

Cl LM 85


Copy correspondence between Edward Lord Dinny and Lady Mary Wrothe occasioned by some verses; 1622

Cl LM 86


Passage from writings of Francis Bacon and copy letter from Henry Howard Earl of Northampton to the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge; 1612

Cl LM 87-88

17th-18th century c

Catalogues of books; n.d. [17th-18th century]

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