Document Reference

Cl L 200


Legal papers relating to lands in Milton [Kent], Battersea, Wandsworth and Washingham [Surrey] forfeited to the King [Exchequer Court]; 1479

Cl L 201

Early 16th century

Legal papers in cause of Margaret, late the wife of Sir Raufe Rocheford against Robert Russell; early 16th century

Cl L 202-242

Late 15th century -1677 c

Miscellaneous legal papers including causes, commissions, and inquisitions

Cl L 243

Late 15th century -1677 c

Miscellaneous papers relating to Carlton in Lindrick [Carlton Kingston and Carlton Baron]; n.d. [late 15th century -c.1677]

Cl L 244


Papers in cause of Sir Frances Beaumont and others [committees of the body and lands of Gervase Clifton esquire the Queen’s ward] against William Foster and others; 1594

Cl L 245

1588 c-1609 c

Legal papers relating to Blyth, especially to the Hospital of St John the Evangelist near Blyth [title to]; n.d. [c.1588-c.1609]

Cl L 246


Papers in cause of Eyre v Coote relating to a recognisance, and lands and profits in Barnby and Blyth; Nottinghamshire; 1607.

Cl L 247

17th century

Papers concerning cause of Edward Willoughby and others (coheirs of Sir Francis Willoughby deceased), against Lady Wharton (late widow of Sir Francis Willoughby); n.d. [c.17th century]

Cl L 248


Papers in cause of the inhabitants of the Chapelry of Wentworth against Thomas Benson, vicar of Wath; 1618

Cl L 249


Papers in cause of Philip Earl of Chesterfield, against Sir Edward Leech; 1632

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