Document ReferenceAN/LB 234/10/19-22
TitleCause papers, Office v. Cokayne (bastardy; faults of clergy, not living a moral life; faults of clergy, not performing duties); Sep 1719 post
Date Of CreationSeptember 1719 post
Extent7 items
Content DescriptionOffice cause against Benjamin Cokayne, clerk, vicar of Attenborough and curate of Bramcote, for not carrying out his duties and living an immoral life.

Churchwardens' presentment bill from Attenborough, signed by Stephen Turpin and John Pimm, churchwardens, 12 Oct 1719, presenting Cokayne for committing sodomy and begetting a bastard child on his maidservant, Henney Gilbert.

Presentment bill from Bramcote, signed by Henry Cox and John Darwin, 12 Oct 1719, presenting Cokayne [Cocking] and Henrietta Gilbert for committing fornication together and Elizabeth Cox for bearing a bastard child by John Rotherham of Derby.

Presentment bill from Attenborough, signed by Stephen Turpin and John Pimm, churchwardens, 5 Dec 1719, presenting Cokayne for 'using the most abominable and scandalous expressions' for which he was reprimanded by his fellow drinkers; saying that he had beaten his father and mother and cursed them, and had sold his soul to the devil; for refusing and neglecting to bury the dead; and for attempting the chastity of Anne Cox, wife of Henry Cox of Bramcote, 'by throwing her upon the Bed & in a forcible manner putting his hands up her cloaths, but she proving too strong for him gott away from him before he cou'd accomplish his wicked designe'.

Undated articles, referring to events presented by the churchwardens, adding that he had refused to bury the body of a child of Richard Morgan that had died on the Sunday until the following Friday, by which time 'the dead corps smelt so strong that people were scarce able to abide in the house, to the Great Scandall of the Church and Evill Example to others', and that he did not conduct services as regularly as he ought.

Allegation on the part of Cokayne, denying the charges and suggesting that they are the malicious actions of his father-in-law in an attempt to break his marriage.

Sentence, suspending Cokayne, read 8 Nov 1720.

Bill of costs, taxed 29 Nov 1720.
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