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Buchanan Collection; 1755-1982

Bu C 6/5

24 August [1899-1914]

Letter from 'Charlie' [Charles James Buchanan], Hackthorn Hall, Lincoln to his parents [Sir Eric and Lady Buchanan] with additional letter from 'Helen'; 24 Aug. [n.y. 1899-1914]

Bu C 6/7

26 August 1907

Letter from Charles Buchanan, [later 4th baronet, 1899-1984] Hackthorn Hall, Lincoln to his mother [Constance Augusta Buchanan, d. 1914] 26 Aug. 1907

Bu D


Papers of Sir Charles Buchanan, fourth baronet; 1910-1982

Bu D 2


Correspondence relating to marriage of Charles Buchanan and Barbara Helen Stanley; 1932

Bu D 2/1-2

n.d. [c 1932]

2 letters from 'Aunt Ruth' [Tennant], St Anne's Manor, Sutton, Loughborough to Charles and Barbara Buchanan; n.d. [c 1932]

Bu D 2/3

26 January 1932

Letter from 'Nana', 49 Newland, Lincoln to Sir Charles Buchanan, 2nd H.L.S. Government House, Madras; 26 Jan. 1932

Bu D 2/4

n.d. [post February 1932]

Letter from 'Aunt Ruth' [Ruth Tennant], St Anne's Manor, Sutton, Loughborough to 'Jimmy' [Charles James Buchanan]; n.d. [post Feb. 1932]

Bu D 2/5

7 February 1932

Letter from Eric Bonham, Knowle, Cranleigh, Surrey to his cousin Sir Charles Buchanan, Government House, Madras; 7 Feb. 1932

Bu D 2/6

9 February 1932

Letter from Edith Grant Duff, 14 Marlborough Buildings, Bath to Charles Buchanan; 9 Feb. 1932

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