Document Reference

De A 27/4

27 March 1792

Attested copy of a common recovery of lands in Flintham, Hawksworth, South Leverton, Cottam, Fiskerton, Morton, Sutton-on-Trent, Middlethorpe, and Norwell, Nottinghamshire, from Rev. John Disney, to Savill Reade, and Lewis Disney, dated 1 June 1772; 27 Mar. 1792

Mi D 435


Deed of sale, Robert de Flintham and wife Alice, to another Robert de Flintham. Location: Flintham, Nottinghamshire

Ne 5 S


Series of surveys, valuations and reports relating to the Nottinghamshire estates of the Dukes of Newcastle [under Lyne]; 1762-1912

Ne 5 S 6-6/1

July 1853

Survey of Churches on the Newcastle Estates, by [Sir] Geo[rge] Gilbert Scott [with enclosure]; Jul. 1853

Ne 6 D 2/49/1


Bundle of leases from Queen Victoria to the 4th and 5th Dukes of Newcastle under Lyne of the bailiwicks of Bassetlaw and Ultra and Citra Trentam and of parcels of land within them; 1841-1855

Ne 6 E 4/132

24 July 1945-31 July 1945

Charity Commission rent charge redemption orders for the parishes of Flintham and Balderton, Nottinghamshire; 24-31 Jul. 1945

Ne A 312


Bundle of vouchers of William Fillingham concerning payments work done on the Newark estate [Nottinghamshire]; 1778-1779

Ne A 333


Bundle of vouchers of Job Brough concerning payments at Newark, Flawborough and Balderton, Nottinghamshire; 1790-1792

Ne A 334


Bundle of vouchers of Job Brough concerning annual payments at Newark, Flintham, Balderton, and Averham, Nottinghamshire; 1791-1794

Ne D 1718

22 April 1512

Will of Thomas Thurland of Gamston, Nottinghamshire; 22 Apr. 1512

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