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Papers of the Holden Family of Nuthall Temple, Nottinghamshire, 1296-1948

Ne 3 A 321


Draft of rentals for the Newark properties of the Duke of Newcastle under Lyne, from Michaelmas 1845 to Lady Day 1847; 1847

Ne 6 D 2/26


Title deeds and associated papers relating to the estate of the Dukes of Newcastle under Lyne in Hawton, Nottinghamshire; 1919

Ne 6 D 2/26/1

25 June 1919

Duplicate conveyance from Henry P.A.D. Pelham-Clinton, 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne to John C. Kew of land at Hawton, Nottinghamshire; 25 Jun. 1919

Ne 6 D 2/36/55

1790 (c)

Rental of the Newark estate of the Duke of Newcastle under Lyne; n.d. [c.1790]

Ne 6 D 2/36/84


Plan and sections depicting the line of the Newark, Melton Mowbray and Leicester Railway through the parishes of Newark, Balderton, Hawton and Cotham Nottinghamshire; c.1872

Ne 6 D 2/36/175-176

4 July1774-5 July1774

Attested copy lease and release for securing a mortgage from Henry Cooke and others to Bryan Cooke of a settled third part of estates in Newark, Nottinghamshire, pursuant to powers contained in a settlement and declaration of the uses of a fine; 4-5 Jul. 1774

Ne 6 D 2/36/177-178

10 August 1803-11 August 1803

Attested copy lease and release and deed to lead uses of a fine from John Cooke to William Hutton and others of an estate in Newark, Nottinghamshire, in trust for sale; 10-11 Aug. 1803

Ne 6 D 2/42/133

18 February 1789

Copy of the will of Samuel Twentyman of Newark, Nottinghamshire; 18 Feb. 1789

Ne 6 D 2/49/27

11 May 1807

Exemplification of a common recovery of property in Nottinghamshire; 11 May 1807

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