Document Reference

De Wm F 5

1907 (c)

Printed pedigree of the family of Denison of Wakefield, Methley and Leeds, Yorkshire, compiled by Samuel Denison; n.d. [1907]

DL 2/101

4 April 1919

Copy of deferred charge and mortgage between H. Denison and sureties, and General Reversionary and Investment Company Ltd; 4 Apr. 1919

DL 2/693


Copy of disentailing assurance dated 9 July 1886 between H. Denison and B. Huntsman relating to Babworth estates, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [1914-42]

DL 2/1442-1453

14 November 1941-1 March 1943

Carbon copy and typescript letters between Messrs. Lee and Pemberton, 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, and Messrs. Durnford and Thomlinson, Hall Cross Chambers, Doncaster, Yorkshire, concerning mineral rights duty payable on trust of H. Denison; 14 Nov. 1941-1 Mar. 1943

DL 2/1510

17 March 1922

Draft instructions to counsel to settle deed of assignment of share of Babworth mortgage to trustees of marriage settlement of W.V. Denison; 17 Mar. 1922

DL 2/1516

9 December 1921

Notes by Messrs. Johnston Raymond-Barker and Co., concerning proposals for marriage settlement of W.V. Denison and Mrs A.J. Fellowes [later Denison]; 9 Dec. 1921

DL 2/1529


Draft assignment of share of Babworth mortgage from W.V. Denison to trustees; 1922

DL 2/1614-1683

20 February 1937-13 November 1941

Letters including carbon copy and typescript letters concerning transfer of cottages at Weston and Norwell Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, to W.M.E. Denison; 20 Feb. 1937-13 Nov. 1941

DL 2/1705-1775

7 March 1927-7 August 1928

Letters, including typescript and carbon copy letters, relating to trust of marriage settlement of H. Denison concerning Barnby estate, Nottinghamshire; 7 Mar. 1927-7 Aug. 1928

DL 2/1783-1867

13 July 1938-11 September 1941

Letters including carbon copy and typescript letters concerning matters relating to trust of H. Denison; 13 July 1938-11 Sept. 1941

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