Document Reference

De C 1/2/14

20 August 1671

Pre-nuptial marriage settlement in form of release of William Sampson Junior and Mary Hynde [Hynd], relating to lands in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and Rampton, Nottinghamshire; 20 Aug. 1671



Estate Papers of the Eyre family of Grove, Nottinghamshire, 1500-1849

Ey 192


Court book of the manors of Rampton and Treswell, Nottinghamshire; 1789-1840

Ey 193


Book containing courts for Treswell, Nottinghamshire 1846, 1861 and 1863 and for Rampton, Nottinghamshire 1863

Ey 194-217


Deeds, mortgages and settlements of the Eyre family concerning the manors of Rampton and Treswell, Nottinghamshire and the parsonage of Rampton, leased from the prebendary of Rampton; 1631-1755

Ey 218-237


Deeds relating to small properties in Rampton and Treswell, Nottinghamshire purchased by Eyre from Gilby, Haggard and Byron; 1616-1738

Ey 238-255


Title deeds of 4 acres 3 roods 36 perches of land in Rampton, Nottinghamshire bought by the Rev. Charles Wasteney Eyre from Robert Draper and previously held by the Butler family; 1783-1838

Ne 6 D 2/19/54

8 July 1826

Copy of the will and probate of Joseph Dossey of Elkesley, Nottinghamshire; 8 Jul. 1826

Ne 6 M 1/1/2/38

1633 (c)

List of amercements from the bailiwick of Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c. 1633]

Ne A 118


Duchy rents [for the bailiwicks of Bassetlaw and Ultra et Citra Trentam, Nottinghamshire]; 1717

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