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Estate Papers of the Eyre family of Grove, Nottinghamshire, 1500-1849

Ey 192


Court book of the manors of Rampton and Treswell, Nottinghamshire; 1789-1840

Ey 193


Book containing courts for Treswell, Nottinghamshire 1846, 1861 and 1863 and for Rampton, Nottinghamshire 1863

Ey 194-217


Deeds, mortgages and settlements of the Eyre family concerning the manors of Rampton and Treswell, Nottinghamshire and the parsonage of Rampton, leased from the prebendary of Rampton; 1631-1755

Ey 218-237


Deeds relating to small properties in Rampton and Treswell, Nottinghamshire purchased by Eyre from Gilby, Haggard and Byron; 1616-1738

Ey 499-507


Deeds relating to Treswell Woods, Nottinghamshire bought by A. H. Eyre from J.A.S. Wortley; 1723-1823

Fr 73


Memoranda and expenses book of Reverend Seth Ellis Stevenson, rector and headmaster of Retford, Nottinghamshire, 1760-1777

Ne 6 D 1/3/1/93

20 June 1738

'Attested Copy of William Leving Esquire the Elder and William Leving the younger their Settlement of the Grove Estate'; 20 Jun. 1738 [post 1828]

Ne 6 D 1/3/1/94

1828 post

'Deed Poll of Appointment by Mr Leving and his Son of the Barony of Grove to the use of Mr Leving the Son and his Heirs'; 10 Apr. 1747 [post 1828]

Ne 6 D 2/3/23-24

4 July 1687-5 July 1687

Copy lease and release from Charles Nevile to William Clayton and Edmund Whitehead of the manor and rectory of West Burton, the manor of West Retford and Grove and property in West Burton, Sturton, Treswell, Babworth, Grove and West Retford, Nottinghamshire in trust for sale; 4-5 Jul. 1687

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