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De A 31/2

18 December 1784

Attested copy of release of lands in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and Huntingdonshire, from George Cartwright, and Ann Cartwright, and George Nevile and Lewis Disney Ffytche, to Thomas White, and Edward Wilmot, and Anthony Eyre and William Hutton, dated 12 May 1784; 18 Dec. 1784



Estate Papers of the Eyre family of Grove, Nottinghamshire, 1500-1849

Ey 41


Record of churchwardens' levy for Headon cum Upton, Nottinghamshire; 25 April 1677

Ey 93


Miscellaneous letters and papers concerning the dispute between Anthony Eyre and Charles Mellish of Ragnall over rights in the manor of Upton, Nottinghamshire; 1774-1778

Ey 94


Papers relating to claim of Samuel Crawley of Ragnall Hall, Nottinghamshire; 1793-1794

Ey 95-108


Deeds relating to messuage and lands in Headon, Upton and Thorpe, Nottinghamshire belonging to the Monck family; 1695-1743

Ey 132


Sale by Henry George Rose to Richard Harpham of leasehold messuage and lands in Thorpe, Headon and Upton, Nottinghamshire; 6 April 1813

Ey 133-156


Deeds relating to a cottage and lands in Upton and Headon, Nottinghamshire belonging to the Colte and Bellamy families, and bought by Sir Hardolph Wasteney from Paul Bellamy in 1727; 1545-1727

Ey 157-158


Bargain and sale from Munck to Addye and Ashton to Banes of a cottage and parcel of ground in Upton, Nottinghamshire; 1657-1658

Ey 159-166


Miscellaneous conveyances of houses and lands in Upton, Nottinghamshire; 1780-1825

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